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What are you thinking about when you head out for a run? You’ve no doubt got your route sorted. Water, check. Phone, check. In Case Of Emergency (ICE) Bracelet ID? Probably not.

It’s unlikely that when you set off on a run that you’re considering what may happen if you have a medical emergency. For most people, it’s just a short period out, like no other and taken for granted. It’s easy to forget that running stresses the body, after all it’s the reason we run, again this is something we just take for granted and largely ignore. However, accidents and medical problems happen more often than you may think. If you are struck down in any way and unable to communicate with attending medical professionals, you are essentially anonymous. Often your phone is of no use, because it’s probably locked. You may not be carrying your wallet either. Just suppose you have specific allergies or a medical condition that may be important for the attending emergency services to know about. What then?

Well, the good news is that this is easily remedied if you use a medical (ICE) Id bracelet for runners. We have many different styles and form factors that make the runners emergency id bracelet easy to wear and for it to become part of your routine, from a simple wrist band ICE ID to a watch strap ICE ID, even a version for shoe laces.