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Nothing is wrong with wanting to look stylish when going about your everyday life.

That’s why ICE ID’s range of Jewellery ID tags were designed with the fashion-conscious in mind.

Medical alert jewellery and ID bracelets for men and women.

Why wear an ICE ID wristband for fashion?

A life-threatening accident or a sudden attack caused by a pre-existing medical condition or disease while out in public isn’t something anyone plans for. Why would we? The thought “it could never happen to me” is more common than you would think.

However, what if—on what was meant to be an average day—it did happen to you. For instance, you have diabetes and you haven’t eaten enough food yet you still administer insulin. Having low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) could cause problems such as dizziness, confusion and even a loss of consciousness, rendering you incapable of communicating with passers-by who try to help you.

By wearing the ICE Jewellery ID bracelet, you give any on-site paramedics or passers-by the means to figure out what medical assistance you need and the chance to administer the right treatment in the fastest possible time. It also means the people attending to you will know whom to contact if you’re unable to provide that information. Surely you would want your next of kin to be informed in such a situation so they can be by your side as swift as possible?