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Whether you suffer from a specific medical condition or you feel you’re perfectly fit and well, our Medical ID Bracelets could just save your life by alerting medical professionals about a specific condition or simply in how to contact a close relative.

It’s all to easy these days to take your well being for granted, especially if you consider your self reasonably fit. Accidents happen, and even the fittest amongst us can be struck down with an unforeseen medical issue, for instance, when you are out on your regular run or jog. When you are out on your own, maybe in a remote place, away from friends and family, traveling perhaps, and you experience an issue that renders you unable to communicate, your life really is in the hands of the medical professionals attending to you. They need as much information about you as possible in order to administer the most effective treatment. A medical id bracelet can provide the attending paramedics or doctors with critical information, such as allergies to drugs, or whether you have a specific medical condition such as asthma or diabetes.

Our medical id bracelets are pre-engraved medical alert tags or personalised stainless steel id tags and are available in a range of attractive designs and finishes, and can easily and comfortably become part of your everyday accessories. We also have wristbands for all occasions and to fit all sizes.