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Sean's Story Part 2

Sean's Story Part 2

Posted by Sean Badenhorst on 24th Oct 2018

Part 2: THE DIAGNOSIS As an adult, I’ve had more than my fair share of illnesses, including encephalitis, meningitis, mastoidititis, appendicitis and kidney stones... All quite serious, a couple … read more

ID for Cycling

Posted by Brown on 9th Oct 2018

ID for Cyclists | Emergency ID Wristbands for CyclingAs a cyclist, you’ll likely find yourself far from home, friends and family. Consider the vulnerability of training by yourself with no identificat … read more
Sean's Story

Sean's Story

Posted by Sean Badenhorst on 4th Oct 2018

Part 1 - THE CRASH Of the many thousands of wheelies I have done in my 48 years, I have had three flips that ended with memorable falls on my back. Memorable for different reasons.The first, age … read more


Posted by Robin Brown on 1st Oct 2018

Organ Donor Week has been and gone- did you register?You may not have realised it, but last week was organ donor week. It made us at ICEID stop and think about what would happen if we unexpectedly d … read more