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£25.00 £18.00
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Smart GPS Tracker

  • Packed full of features with a keyring that attaches to almost anything
  • Follow Curve in real time via the app
  • Personalise alerts to create your own zones ​
  • Choose different tracking modes to match what you track ​
  • Up to 7 days of battery life

A separate Vodafone Smart SIM subscription is required

After purchasing your device, download the Vodafone Smart App and activate one of the below subscription plans:

  • £2 monthly for a minimum of 24 months
  • £3 monthly for a minimum of 12 months


Choose to watch Curve in real time on a map or see the places it’s been in Location History, all available in the app. Plus, family and friends can use the Quick Alert button to send location updates straight to your phone.​

Curve is made smart by the built-in Vodafone Smart SIM. Unlike Bluetooth-only trackers, which are great for finding things very close by like your keys or TV remote, their limited range means most of the time they can’t be too far from your phone. This smart SIM card connects to the internet across our global network, so your phone could be far away from it and still get updates.​

 Create your own Zones in the app and Curve will let you know when it leaves or enters them. There’s also 4 different tracking modes to choose from, to match what you track and help save battery life.​

Keep in touch with your favourite things for longer with a battery that lasts up to 7 days, and Curve will always let you know when it needs charging. There’s loads of ways to use Curve, it’s a great pet tracker for your dog or bag tracker for a trip because it’s small, lightweight and waterproof certified rated IP67. Attach it to almost anything, and Curve’s ready for every adventure.