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A water resistant plastic ICE ID with a waterproof tyvek insert to write all your personal and medical details.

The INSTANT ICE bracelet is comfortable and lightweight. The product comes in a variety of colours for both children and adults, and waterproof information inserts can be easily updated for travel, or as personal conditions or situations change.

Each product contains 4 blank inserts.

The bracelet has a durable, scratch resistant polyurethane coating protecting the high visability Medical symbol. A selection of vibrant colours are available for the Medical bracelets.

The INSTANT ICE bracelet has a soft black elastic fabric wristband and weighs less than 10 grammes or 1/4 ounce. The wristband is “one-size-fits-most’.

Vital information can be included and updated without engraving, ICE numbers, NHS numbers, allergies, medical conditions or medical scheme membership numbers. Police and medical personnel are trained to look for emergency medical jewelery and INSTANT ICE will provide critical information in emergency situations.