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New to our range and exclusive to ICE ID

This is a special product for our best friends

Research by MORE TH>N shows five dogs go missing in the UK every day

  • Research reveals that one in 10 dog owners have experienced their dog going missing—either stolen, run away or missing without explanation;
  • Official police data shows 1,670 dogs were reported missing last year—the equivalent of at least five dogs every day; and
  • One in five dogs are not microchipped despite it being compulsory by law and an effective way of finding a missing dog.

ONE PHONE CALL AWAY. . . no call centre, no annual charge

  • The collar is made of Bamboo which is odour resistant and fast drying
  • No noisy tags to loose
  • You’ll never worry that the tag might fall off or be caught in a branch
  • Peace of mind to get your best friend home as soon as possible
  • Free Embroidery


What to choose to be embroidered 

Its up to you.....

Name and mobile

Just mobile

Postcode and mobile

House number and postcode