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MYID Rose Quartz Medical ID Bracelet

£60.00 £40.00
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Rose Quartz Medical ID Bracelet



Small:  6" (15.2 CM)  •  8 MM Bead

Large:  8" (20.3 CM)  •  10 MM Bead


Each bracelet is double-laced for added durability and still give enough stretch to comfortably slip over the wrist.

Quartz crystals were valued by the ancient Egyptians as talismans with powers to prevent aging.

Rose quartz jewelry was known to be crafted by the Assyrians around 800-600 BC.

The Assyrians, along with the Romans, might have been the first to use this stone.

The Cube is made from silver, anodized aluminium.

Each side is laser engraved with the 2 ways to access your free MyID profile: Unique QR Code, ID & PIN